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Extreme Volleyball game was added November 14, 2023 at 76GAMES.io and since then has been played 265 times by our site visitors.

Game description

The game Extreme Volleyball is a variation on the subject of volleyball.
In this game, players will be robots. And unlike "normal volleyball" instead of the ball will be a bomb. A bomb is known to have a tendency to explode ...
The purpose of game to blow up a bomb on the territory of the opponent.
The bomb blows up, if it concerns a floor, there were more than three contacts of a bomb or time of burning of a fuse ended.
In the game settings menu you can select the number of bombs, bomb fuse burning time, game difficulty level and location of your robot.

Game Controls for Extreme Volleyball

*left*=move to the left
*right*=move to the right

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